Anam Circle

Anam Circle is an interdisciplinary, community-based ecosocial think tank and innovation lab that provides policy analysis and research for community groups and local governments and in the Greater Capital District of New York.  We provide thought leadership, policy analysis, applied problem solving, policy innovations, community assessments, research, strategic planning, future scenario planning, table top exercises, and community education to advance sustainability and resilience in local urban, rural and coastal communities.  Anam Circle’s work can be used to guide important and timely sustainability, environmental, and resilience policy decisions and to make better evidence-based decisions. We specialize in systems analysis, systemic change, nonlinear “wicked problems”, and behavior-based human dimensions (attitudes, norms, frames, narratives and behaviors).

Anam Circle engages talented and capable college students and graduate students as junior analysts and junior fellows to work collaboratively with experienced senior analysts and senior fellows to examine the ecological, social, economic and governance dimensions of current and future public policies.  Anam Circle analysts and fellows are trained in advanced public policy analysis, research skills, report writing and public presentations.  We work collaboratively in small teams to (1) generate public policy reports based on the findings of our research and analysis; (2) assist the community to draft policy and planning documents to address ecosocial problems; (3) host town hall meetings to inform local elected officials, community leaders, and residents, including youth, about the issues;  and (4) help the community write grants for projects.