Glendara Homestead       A restored early 20th century goat farm transitioning toward a sustainable, working homestead raising dairy goats, chickens and ducks, with gardens, orchard, woodlot for wood biofuel, wind energy electricity, creek, pond, natural play lot for kids, diverse wildlife and trails.  Offering young adult and family immersion experiences in simpler living embedded in nature and the seasons.

Síolta    A program for toddlers and young children and their young adult parents.  Síolta is Irish for “seeds.”   Parents and children gather to celebrate seasonal cultural festivals and traditions, and participate in weekly nature-centered cultural activities and food preparation as a way of moving toward sustainable simple living, and educating children and families for sustainability leadership.

EarthQuest   A hybrid table-top scenario and simulation game for engaging teams of youth and young adults in game-based learning about climate change, the local environment and civics.  The game integrates storytelling with group role-playing and electronic multimedia for social learning and collaborative problem-solving.  Players explore a near-future high-tech & low-tech world facing serious environmental and sustainability challenges after climate disruption, peak oil, economic recession, and emerging new ecoregional watershed democracies.  Teams play the role of their own grandchildren who go on missions to solve mysteries and think up innovative solutions to problems left to the next generation by their ancestors from the 21st century.